Ordination of Father Methodius Nicori and Deacon Herman Madsen - 05/15/16

Christ is risen! Kristos Voskerese! Kristusaaq Unguirtuq! There are days when everything sems to proceed smoothly by God’s grace. The altar boys, starosta, servers, readers, deacons and subdeacons, priests, Bishop and the Choir all experienced this abundant grace of God. The Orthodox faithful of Holy Resurrection Cathedral celebrated the bright feast of Myrrh-Bearing Women on May 15, 2016 with joy and thanksgiving.

The Divine Liturgy was especially beautiful given the momentous occasion. The choir, led by Marilyn Kreta, carried the souls of the faithful up to angelic heights. The bass voices of the clergy filled the hearts of the faithful with the fear of the Lord. Everybody prayed, sang, and served in unison. What blessed memories to carry in their hearts for the newly ordained clergy, their family, and friends!

During the Ordination, the clergy had deep emotions of love and gratitude surging through their hearts. The entire congregation witnessed the ordination and affirmed the work of the Holy Spirit by shouting in unison "Axios!" (Greek word meaning "worthy").

The Madsens and the Johnsons families watched with mixed feelings of joy and awe how Subdeacon Herman was ordained Deacon. Mary Erika Madsen, Herman's wife, is now Matushka Mary. What a blessing and what a huge responsibility! The Nicori family gathered together by the ambo to witness the transformation of the father of the family, Deacon Methodius, into Priest Methodius.

On this bright day seminary faculty, parish members, families, and guests experienced great joy and thanked Our Lord for His abundant gifts of grace. Christ is risen! Kristos Voskerese! Kristusaaq Unguirtuq!