St. Herman Seminary television interview - 08/15/12

Recently KTUU, a television station in Anchorage, aired a story about the Seminary, its archives, and the discovery of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Alutiiq commissioned by St. Seraphim of Uglich around 1910. The book is a Rosetta Stone for the Alutiiq language and could be instrumental in its revival.

KTUU interviewed  Seminary archivist and instructor Daria Safronova, Seminary Dean Fr. John Dunlop, and Alutiiq elders Katherine Chichenoff and Irene Coyle.

The elders noted how the Orthodox Church is vital in the revival of Alutiiq literacy. The fluent Alutiiq-speaking elders are translating the language written in Cyrillic characters, which are read by Ms. Safranova. Church and liturgical terms are referred to Fr. John for clarification. This team effort is bearing much fruit and drawing attention to the Alaskan treasures in the Seminary's archives.