Go into all the world - 07/29/11

The St. Herman Seminary community welcomed Presbytera Renee Ritsi and the OCMC mission team to Old Harbor to Kodiak for their orientation. Led by Fr. John Parker, priest of Holy Ascension Orthodox Church (OCA) in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, this pan-Orthodox team will be leading a youth camp in Old Harbor. The orientation began with Presbytera Renee giving an introduction to OCMC and Orthodox missions and Seminary Dean Fr. John Dunlop welcoming the team with a brief history of the Church in Alaska, focusing on Kodiak and Old Harbor. The team learned more specifically about Old Harbor and ministry on the island from Fr. Innocent; Dn. Irenaios Anderson gave an introduction of cross-cultural communication and missiology; and Matushka Bea Dunlop spoke on Patristics and cross-cultural teaching and ministry among Native peoples.

At the end of orientation the Seminary community was invited by the Team to a dinner, before they headed out to Old Harbor for a week of ministry. The Alaskan apostolic mission continues!